Tuesday, December 1

::saje tiru sendra::

Do you talk to your self?
no i dont.i use to speak to others..

What are you wearing now?
giordano white tshirt with (erm...)seluar panas...hahah

Do you want to See New Moon- the movie?
i missed my booking ticket last saturday.oh s***!

Are you in a relationship currently?

duh~im getting married soon..

Do you use social networking sites?
blogging is my priority rite now..

Do you like this survey?
i have no feelings.i just copycat sendra

What is your perfect date destination?
i agree with sendra.beach! under the moon light..

Have you ever had your heart broken?
no.he is the first.

Do you sing in the shower?
no..i just bring my cikai hp with 6 speaker inside.

How many friends do you have?

millions...i dont ever know how to count

What is your nickname?
syima,surd,timah and puteh

Do you have a middle name?
hasyimah binti its binti.

Do you swear often?
every nite before sleep.

How old are you?
just being 20

What is your favourite color?


4 comment:

Cassendra said...

hahaha..lega..boleh pun komen..byk nk komen pasal kau ni..hahahha..wahh..tajuk kau terus letak nama aku..terharu sea oat!!hahahha..aku rasa aku pernah panggil kau surd..tapi syima the best..haha..owh2..beach lahh the best kan??aku sgt tak setuju kalau org kata it is kat cinema..dammit..tu utk mereka2 si tgn pnjng meryap wateva yelahh..hahha..well,dah lama aku nk komen ni kau cantik..

she said...

chet saje nak aku puji blog ko kan?
hahah..neway,aku suka wallpaper lame..yang merah hitam classic tuh

eLLa said...

daa nak kawen ka??

ajie said...

salam perkenalan